Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365 - Days 13-17

Day 13 - Kylie thought she would surprise me by trying to hide among the coats on the coat rack, but as she popped out, I had my camera ready!

 Day 14 - Kylie found my BIG sunglasses and was playing around with them, she wanted me to take some pics of her posing with them.

Day 15 - Today was pajama day at school for Kylie, and as usual, she had me take a picture, it's a good thing for me that she enjoys having her picture taken and she really knows how to ham it up too.

Day 16 - Pat and his big boy toy.   I bought him a remote control helicopter for his birthday, because that is what he said he wanted.

Day 17 - Kylie was "singing" and putting on a show for us.

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