Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365 - Days 8-12

Day 8 - Pat will be gone during the week up until the end of February, so he was getting some play time in with Kylie.

Day 9 - Emily made these cute little penguin appetizers for my niece Jillian's birthday party.  There were so cute and tasted great!

Day 10 -  I took a picture of my "space" at work.  I use three different microscopes, the far left is my compound light microscope for identifying mold spores, the one to the right of my computer is my polarized light microscope used to identify asbestos fibers, and the scope under the hood at the far end is my stereoscope.

 Day 11 -   I used the Grab application on my Macbook to capture the image of one my favorite digital scrapbook site, you may also notice the tab for my other addiction, facebook, :)

Day 12 - My keys!!  Once a Marine, always a Marine, and my keychains reflect that.  Whenever I think things are bad, I just remember what basic training was like and realize that it just isn't all that bad, if I can make it through that, I can make it through anything!!

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