Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday ramblings

It is just one of those days where all I want to do is lay around, but I know I need to get some things accomplished.  My list is huge, but at this point, as long as I get one thing of that list, I will be happy.

We live in military housing and community center is having a "Fall Festival" today. It sounds like fun, so I think I will head over there with Kylie later this afternoon. Pat is hunting with his brother, so it will just be my and Kylie.

I want to work on some more cards and try and finish up that "decorate a house" I have been working on. Not to mention, work on some scrapbooks, I am so far behind and about to have another little one in a few months. In addition to all my crafting endeavors, of course, I have dishes, laundry, etc. to take care of.

I placed another SU order yesterday. I only ordered a few things this time, but the owl punch was on my order this time. I can't wait to use it, only because I have seen the numerous ways people have used it, but making things other than owls with it. I happen to have a few of my own ideas as well, :) Of course, I probably won't get it until the end of next week, due to the clearance rack blitz still in effect, but I have plenty of other things to work on, :)

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