Sunday, October 10, 2010

So many ideas...

..okay, well, needless to say I did not get a chance to finish working on my decorate a house from Stampin' UP! Hubby went hunting with his brother today, so it was like any other day for me trying to entertain Kylie. We did manage to make it to Micheal's this morning as I had a 50% of coupon I wanted to use.

I tried working on a prototype for a project idea, but Kylie decided that I should help her make a paper house. I told her that Daddy would help her when she got home, because by this point in the day, I was pretty much spent. My prototype ended up in Kylie's hands because it looked nothing like what I was envisioning, but I am will probably work on it tomorrow, since hubby has the day off, I can get some time to myself. I plan on heading out to the craft stores again tomorrow, to see if I can find something else to use that 50% off coupon again. I print them off the internet because you can use one a day for the days they are good for, :)

I started my next list for my next SU order. I am waiting til next week to place this one, because I know SU will be offering a few "bundles" at a discount. I will be posting more about those offers when the time comes. You won't want to miss them!!

I am hoping I can sit down tomorrow and work on some of the ideas that are floating around in my head. We shall see how the day unfolds tomorrow, :)

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