Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh December!

Well, I am just a tad behind on my December Daily album, but I am planning on getting my pages caught up this afternoon.  I do have Day one completed, but I want to catch up to today, so I can show what I have been adding.  It's kind of hard right now, because Pat has been gone for training, so some of the things I would normally be doing the beginning of the month, I had to put on hold.  I can not get my decorations up, because they are stored way up high in the garage, and I am not taking any chances on trying to get the boxes down, being at the beginning of my 3rd trimester, so the decorating will just have to wait until Pat gets home, which will be this Friday, the 10th. 

I have a Dr. appointment today to check on the little guy in my belly, and also need to stop at the store to pick up a few essentials, but the rest of the day I will be working on my album, at least that is the current plan. 

Check back later for some pictures of my first few days of December!

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