Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adventures in wireless printing

Due to the fact that I take the majority of my pictures with my iphone, I was looking in to purchasing a wireless printer, so I could print directly from my iphone to my printer, hoping to bypass the computer all together.  It is much easier said than done.   Allow me to explain, :)

I bought the Canon MG5320 wireless all-in-one printer yesterday.  Setting it up and getting everything connected via the home network was a piece of cake.  Both computers (one MAC and one PC) printed to it with not problem.  I was able to print to it from the iphone, however, I ran in to a few snags along the way.  I haven't tried printing to it from my ipad yet, but I am sure it would connect and print similar to the way the iphone does.

As an "iphoneagrapher", I use all the cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic.  This is where the problem lies.  The dreaded square photo.  I know that I can print them from my computer, but only after transferring the photos and sizing them accordingly using photoshop.  This works well for one or two photos, but I have a ton of photos sitting on my iphone.  In the beginning, I only ever used my iphone to catch those rare moments when I didn't have my good Canon Rebel DSLR on hand, but now, my iphone is what I use for just about everything.  Needless to say, the photos kept piling up.  I didn't offload them to my computer, like I would have if I used my DSLR.  Word to the not let so many pictures pile up on your phone!

So, there I sat, wondering how I could get my square prints directly from my phone to my printer.  I tried everything.  I did manage to get a 4x4 print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, but it was not photo paper.  The MG5320 has a bottom tray and a feed tray in the back as well.  This model only allows photo paper in the rear feed tray.  The dilemma being that I could not tell my printer which tray to feed from.  If I could have done that, all problems may have been solved, except for the fact that I would end up wasting a lot of paper.

I downloaded the following APPS in an attempt to get these square prints:
Printcentral Pro
Canon IEPP
Iphoto for the iphone
Photogene 2
Simple Resize

None of the above APPS provided me with what I was looking for.  Do not get me wrong, all those APPS are awesome in certain ways, but did not offer me what I needed.  The only good part is that I now have an arsenal of really cool photo apps!

I had finally come to the conclusion that ordering online would be the only option I would have if I wanted to save some time and money.  I decided I would try Persnickety Prints.  I downloaded an APP called LifePics.  This APP is awesome!  I created an account and chose to upload my square photos.  I logged in to the Persnickety Prints site using the same account.   The process was very easy and I should be receiving my prints in 2-3 days.  The Lifepics app does much more than that!  I recommend visiting the site and checking it out.  I plan to use it for my 4x6 photos and have them printed and ready to pick up at a local photo printer of my choice.  After I get "caught up" on getting my photos printed, I will probably end up printing from home.  A few pics here and there won't take that much time. 

I am looking forward to sharing my prints with you when I receive them! 

P.S.   if someone can create an APP that would print a 4x4 directly to my printer via my phone, now that would be even better!!

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