Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cowles Mountain

Yesterday I decided to do something I haven't done in a long time.  A friend of mine had asked via facebook if anyone was interested in hiking up Cowles Mountain.  I love to hike and have not done so since I was stationed in Hawaii.  I only ever went hiking twice out in Hawaii.  I conquered Diamondhead and I went on a hike somewhere in Kailua with a few of my old Marine Corps buddies.  Before that, the last time I went on a real hike, was at Hawk Mountain sanctuary, right before I signed  a few years of my life away to the Marine Corps in 1997.

I don't count any of the countless times"humping", as the Marine Corps likes to call it, as hiking.  Due to the fact that I was not exactly doing it for fun or recreation.  I suffered from shin splints when I was in boot camp.  The pain from a shin splint, if you have never had one, is excruciatingly painful.  It feels as if the muscle lying along the front portion of your tibia is being ripped away from the bone.  Needless to say, I had a very rough time, but somehow managed to pull it together to graduate on time.  Yes, I was almost dropped back in training, but that is another story.

Getting back to the present, I decided that I would take her up on her offer, since Kylie would be in school most of the day and we were going to meet at nine in the morning.  The only other thought than ran through my head was whether or not I would be able to carry Joshua, my 23 pound toddler on my back.  I decided to go for it anyway.  I needed some fresh air and adult conversation.  I was unaware of how steep the initial climb would be.  My calf muscles were not happy with me, but after about the first fifteen/twenty minutes, I was doing much better.  I won't lie, I had to stop a few times, for a few minutes, to give my legs a rest.   I kept telling myself that I was a former Marine and I should be able to handle a 1.5 mile hike to the summit, even if I had an extra 23 pounds on my back, however, I have been out of the Marines for well over ten years, but the motivation and drive was still there.  A little more than an hour later, we reached the summit.   I figured that was actually pretty decent timing, since it was an uphill climb and it use to take me about 28 minutes to run three miles.

The view from the top was amazing.  It was still a bit cloudy and overcast, but it was just amazing how far you could see. 

I had to touch the sign.  It was such a good feeling to reach the top!

The ladies at the summit.

I took this picture about halfway up.  The body of water in the background is Lake Murray.  Mission Trails Golf Course is the lovely green area you see.

This is the view looking to the North from atop Cowles mountain.

Looking towards the East.

View to the south/southeast.

This is the view to the west/southwest.  You can almost see the skyline of Downtown San Diego on the right edge of the photo, but the clouds and haze are a bit heavy.

View to the west.  If it would have been a little more clear, you would be able to see the ocean. 

View to the north/northwest.  You can barely see La Jolla on the left edge of the photo.  The rest is mostly Miramar.

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