Monday, April 15, 2013

Memory File Adventure - Part One!

I decided to try something new.  I have had my eye on some of the cool Heidi Swapp products for quite some time.  They have been available in Micheal's now for some time and each time I went in to the store, I would stand there and stare at all the wonderful crafty goodness.  I never made a purchase, up until recently.  I follow Heidi on facebook, twitter and instagram and noticed that there was going to be a "Memory File Adventure".  I decided this would be the perfect opportunity for me to use her products and learn a few things along the way.  Micheal's didn't carry the Memory File Album, but I was lucky enough to find it at my favorite scrapbook store - "Papertales".  I am glad I grabbed it when I did, because I went back a few days later they were all gone!

Here begins my adventure using these cool products.  I am loving it so far!  I am having so much fun with this project.  I haven't done this kind of memory keeping in quite some time and this is just what I needed to jump back in and have fun doing it.

It was simple and fun to get started.  I just followed the prompts given and went from there.  I used a combination of traditional and digital supplies.  

This is my cover, and I love it!  The title is available on the blog as a download.  I printed mine out on to a piece of Serendipity Happiness paper.  I used a portion of the Photo Clusters across the top and used two pieces of the scalloped edge trimmings.  I spritzed the bottom layer with Teal color shine, and the top layer of trimming with a mixture of Teal color shine and Mint Green color shine.  I added a Color Magic Note and sprayed it with Chartreuse and Mint Green Color Shine. (I wanted to use Mint Green and Teal, but grabbed the wrong bottle, but it "pops", so I went with it).  I added Fun from the Chipboard Stickers.

Here is what my first page looks like:

I didn't have any clear tags on hand, so I created my own digitally.  I took a class that Heidi taught with Jessica Sprague called {Mo}tography .  I am so glad I took that class because I have an awesome font that was designed by Heidi and Jessica, in addition to some pretty cool downloads that were used to make projects for the class.  

I created my tag using  the hello that was provided for one of the projects in the class.  The label on the tag is from "Label Stickers", which is a digital download.  I added the part that says "my name is" (hard to see in this photo) using the Traveling Typewriter font and printed it out on a piece of inkjet transparency paper and cut to size.

The labels in front are also from the Label Stickers digital download.  I didn't have any traditional banners to use, so I used another download available on her site, Sugar Chic Banner Delights.

This is my second page, and I love how interactive it is!

I had fun making these cute little accordion style journal cards and filling in the "Last List".  This was available as a download on the blog.  I cut the decorative end of a color magic note and spritzed it with some Primrose color shine and added it as a tab.

This next page reflects "The Last Time I.....".  The Last Time I.....went Awwww, the kids were having a snack and I found them all cozied up next to each other.  I took another color magic note and did the same thing to cover up the back of the one from the previous page.

I love how this turned out and it probably my favorite part of the adventure so far.  When I first started putting this together, I didn't have any coordinating paper.  I took some "First Edition" Designer Paper from Stampin' UP! and I spritzed it with some Primrose color shine in a few places.  A few days later, after I had picked up some coordinating paper at my LSS, I finished adding the "pages" to my photo stack.  

The photo on the front of the stack is my favorite photo of the four of us.  I used "Photo Captions", another digital download.  They are also available as traditional elements, but I couldn't find them anywhere.  It worked out anyway, because I was able to size it down to fit the page.  I then used my silhouette to cut it out.

I can't wait to continue the adventure!

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